Youth Summit of Recovery

An inpatient program providing intensive evidence-based alcohol and drug treatment for adolescent males and females, ages 12-18.
Adolescents in YSR are exhibiting behaviors related to substance abuse, typically evidenced by impaired family, social, and educational functioning. The only program for intensive dual-diagnosis treatment of adolescents in Tennessee, admission criteria includes:

  • Substance-related disorder as a DSM 5 diagnosis,
  • Co-Occurring Substance Related Behavior, and
  • Mental Disorders.                                   

 Treatment Approach

Youth Summit of Recovery is a 24-7-365 structured therapeutic environment. To achieve rehabilitation, this 60 day maximum stay program utilizes:
  • Comprehensive Assessment,
  • Daily Substance Abuse Treatment with Individual and Group Therapy,
  • Daily Alcohol and Drug Education and Support Groups,
  • Weekly Family Education and Counseling,
  • Medication Management,
  • Follow-up Medical Care,
  • Positive Behavior through Systemic and Individualized Strategies,
  • Aftercare, and
  • Academics at New Pathways Academy.

FCA recognizes the value of providing comprehensive care and consistent follow-up in order to affect change in the lives of these young people. The expected outcomes for a completed Youth Summit of Recovery program are the Discontinuation of Drug Use, Reduction of Delinquent Behaviors, Improvement in School, Better Family Relations, Improved Social Functioning, Reduction of High-Risk Behaviors, and Treatment of Co-Occurring Illness (mental and physical). 

A Bright Future for Adolescents with Dual-Diagnosis

During YSR's initial 6 months of operation, the program achieved an 80% success rate with youth who completed this cutting edge program. We at FCA are excited by these results and look forward to more success in the future. These results prove that we really can make a difference!
If you have an adolescent family member with substance abuse problems, please contact us at 865-602-2021.