New Pathways Academy

New Pathways Academy (NPA) is the Florence Crittenton Agency’s on-campus school. Established in 2001, NPA provides for the academic needs of FCA’s middle and high school aged residential clients. New Pathways’ individualized programming makes it a valuable resource, addressing the behavioral and mental difficulties of classroom engagement as well as academics. Ultimately, NPA and FCA are preparing our clients to return home. New Pathways is a non-public school with Special Education endorsements, and provided service to over 230 students in 2010. 

The NPA Program

Florence Crittenton clients generally spend between 60 and 100 days on the Agency’s beautiful campus. That is roughly 3 months in which 98% of FCA clients will be in need of New Pathways Academy’s programming. Because of the transient nature of the student body, New pathways Academy was built upon an intensely individualized model. Each student is given a custom built education plan, which addresses the fundamental coursework of immediate need to ensure the smoothest possible transition back to the student’s “home” school.
Currently, New Pathways Academy is unable to accept day students from the community. If you would like more information about New Pathways Academy, please contact us.

Princpal:  Bruce Winbigler